HMIS Implementation

The way in which you collect and enter program specific information may differ from program to program slightly.  We will try and tailor your training material specifically to your needs, however this site is designed to be a generic information site, so please keep that in mind as we go through the following pages.

The following pages will give you information on how to collect and enter information into HMIS. If you are a SSVF, CoC, HUD, RHY, ESG or PATH provider please consult those sections in the next few pages, as they are specific to your program.

Memorandum of Understanding
We will first start with the agency Memorandum of Understanding and user requirements.

If your agency is looking to join in HMIS data collection, entry and reporting, BBHC must have a completed MOU returned to Paul Fortier, HMIS Director at . In order to meet your data compliance needs we will need to know information about your programs, their funding streams, services offered, as well as reporting schedules and requirements. We will tailor your sections of the database to meet you and your funders’ needs.

User Requirements
As a staff member or volunteer working in an agency with HMIS access, you must agree to the terms of confidentiality listed below to become a user:
Each licensed user who will participate in entering client information into the HMIS system through the ServicePoint software must agree to the following user agreement. They must also have an affidavit signed and notarized stating they have not been convicted of a felony that would put clients personal data in jeopardy. All users must also have a national background check completed by BBHC or provide a copy of detailed results of an equivalent or higher background screening completed within the past year.

        I agree to keep all client information confidential. I will never give my ServicePoint log-in to any other individual or allow anyone else to use my account. I will never divulge any client data to an unauthorized individual and will destroy all paper or digital client records (ONLY records that are NOT in the database) after use. I realize that violating the above user agreement can result in termination of my account and legal action.

All HMIS and ServicePoint users are to use the client ID numbers in emails when referring to clients and data.  No client names or social security numbers are to ever be shared in an unprotected email.

If you are a new user at an agency already using HMIS please provide completed versions of the background screening consent along with $20 and a completed user agreement and affidavit to Racquel Wiles, HMIS Support Coordinator at . She will follow-up with you regarding a training time after your background screening is cleared.

License Costs

License costs are subject to change with each annual renewal and with approval of the CoC HMIS Committee. Bowman Systems/ServicePoint, our HMIS software provider implements a fee for each user in HMIS.  The most recent licensing costs are broken down below:

Per ServicePoint User:
ServicePoint User License: 230.00/ license
ServicePoint Software Maintenance: 74.00/ year
Bowman Shared Hosting: 10.00 /month (120.00 year)
424.00 per 12 months for first year
194.00 per year for following years

ART Report Viewer (can only view reports) License Fee: 80.00/ year
ART Bandwidth Fee: 11.00/ year
91.00 per ART Viewer User per year

Per Advanced Report Tool (ART) User:
ART Ad Hoc (can create/edit reports) License Fee: 160.00/ year
ART Bandwidth Fee: 11.00/ year
171.00 per ART Ad Hoc User

Your specific licensing costs may be pro-rated depending upon what time of year you decide to come on board.